Rapyd partners with Dock and Banco Rendimento to launch all-in-one solution for Brazil

Rapyd, a London-based B2B payments provider, has teamed up with major Brazilian payments providers including Dock and Banco Rendimento to support cash, bank transfers, e-wallets, bill payments, debit and credit card transactions and issuing in Brazil through an all-in-one solution. Local businesses can use Rapyd’s API-based solution and offer local payments without having to build their own infrastructure.

The company says its all-in-one solution will support Brazil’s fintech and commerce companies as part of its in-country and cross border expansion. The growing demand for e-wallets, cash, and other alternative payment methods in Brazil prompted the launch by the company through its Rapyd Global Payments Network.

“We believe Brazil is a high-growth market with substantial opportunities to provide comprehensive payment services, including acceptance, disbursement, and issuing capabilities that support a variety of use cases in e-commerce, gig economy, digital goods, fintech, and B2B markets. Our full-stack Fintech as a Service offering provides both domestic and international companies that are doing business in Brazil with a way to reach out to a much larger pool of customers who are using alternative local payment methods.” said CEO of Rapyd Arik Shtilman.

Israeli-founded Rapyd has the status as a regulated Payments Institution in Brazil and has local employees to assist both domestic and international clients with collection and disbursement capabilities. It also allows companies to white-label e-wallets and issue local cards.