Telleroo, a UK-based payments company focussed on the accounting sector, has partnered with Moorwand, a principal member for both issuing and acquiring at UnionPay, Mastercard, Visa and JCB, on a B2B payments facility for accountancy firms.

Telleroo will deploy Moorwand’s digital banking and e-money capabilities to allow pay runs, including payroll and supplier payments, to be scheduled for future dates, reducing the risk of human error and removing the need to block out time for a payments run on a specific date and time.

“This partnership means that we can offer a fully-compliant payment service, powered by Moorwand, without becoming a bank” said Telleroo MD Michaek Riedler.

“Telleroo solving a problem accountancy firms have faced for a long time – as consumers, we’re used to payments becoming ever easier, but payroll and supplier payments remain manual and laborious” said Moorwand CEO Robert Courtneidge. “We’re excited to be a part of bringing better user experience to an underserved market”.