TreasuryXpress and eBury Agree Partnership

TreasuryXpress has announced its partnership with Ebury Partners in a move it says will empower mid-market treasuries with broader access to more cost-effective cross-border transaction banking services through intelligent end-to-end trading and treasury solution.

The integrated solution resulting from the partnership is a single platform where clients can handle the entire lifecycle of a foreign exchange (FX) trade. Users of the solution access affordable rates for their FX trades powered by Ebury, while signed into TreasuryXpress. Without ever leaving the TreasuryXpress treasury management system (TMS), users can book and confirm their FX trades. Once the trade is confirmed, a forecast entry is automatically created in the TMS. Clients reduce the cost of their FX trades while improving the accuracy of their cash forecasting and bank reconciliation efforts. Clients will also have full access to Ebury’s capabilities, such as multi-currency accounts, competitive international payments and trade finance.