Uber for Business and Fraedom collaborate on expense management

Fraedom has announced it has recently partnered with Uber for Business to provide customers with Receipt Link, a spend management tool when using the ride-hailing service for business transport.

Ride-sharing services have certainly enjoyed steady growth on a global scale – not only in a consumer context, but in the business world as well. With 10% of all business expenses processed through the Fraedom system being ground transportation related, the company says it sees a growing need to make the expense process as seamless as the service itself, hence the partnership with Uber for Business.

The once a trip has ended, the receipt can be sent straight to the company’s expense management software, ready for employees to simply log in and code the transaction appropriately. From a business perspective, the GPS tracking function gives the organisation visibility and control over their travellers’ locations and routes. Uber for Business dashboard allows admins to customise ride policies that limit when and where employees can ride. With Receipt Link, Fraedom customers using Uber for Business can have the confidence to implement ride-sharing as a preferred travel method for their staff.