Visa Announces Fasttrack Network Access and Investment for European Fintechs

Visa has announced two programmes designed to support European fintechs who are developing the next generation of digital payment solutions. Starting in July, fintech start-ups based in Europe can onboard to Visa’s global network in as little as four weeks. The fintech fast-track programme provides rapid onboarding and reduced fees to help early stage start-ups gain access to the capabilities that lie within Visa’s global network to power their own ideas. Additionally, Visa has launched a US$100m European investment programme to support the fintech ecosystem in Europe and grow its investment activity in start-ups.

At launch of its fast-track programme, Visa will be working with Contis, the alternative banking, payments and processing platform provider. The programme will launch in July, initially focusing upon UK-based start-ups who can register their interest online. Additional European markets will be added shortly with a view to global expansion of the programme.

The focus of the investment and partnership programme will be on supporting start-up businesses that are innovating in the arena of open banking and those using emerging technologies that have the potential to create new secure, commerce experiences.