Volante adds support for latest SWIFT Standards Release

Volante Technologies has announced support for the latest SWIFT Standards Release 2019. Issued in February, the latest standards release includes a number of changes, most notably for payments messages and to SWIFT gpi. This includes mandatory changes mostly relating to the UETR (Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference). In this SWIFT release, all users of Category 1 and 2 messages will be impacted, whether or not they use the SWIFT gpi service.

As part of its continued support for all SWIFT standards releases, Volante has incorporated the necessary changes to the messages as well as provided full support for SWIFT gpi, including the supplementary message format validation rules in SWIFT 2019, which covers the syntax and semantic validations to be performed for various MT messages impacted by these changes. Volante’s SWIFT standards update also includes support for flexible access to SWIFT gpi data in SWIFTRef repositories.