Wirecard and Westpay Partnership Expands Digital Payments Across Europe and South Africa

Westpay and Wirecard have signed an agreement, forming a long-term partnership to bring world-class digital payment services and solutions to merchant customers across the Nordics, further Europe and South Africa.

Within the terms of the agreement, complete digital POS and mPOS solutions will be brought to market, aimed at progressing the digitalisation of payments on the way to a cashless society. Currently, 80-85% of transactions worldwide are in cash, representing a huge market potential. In particular, Wirecard benefits from Westpay’s network and presence in the Nordics.

Together, the two companies will provide merchants with payment solutions for cashless, so-called card present, on-site transactions. In particular, Wirecard and Westpay are focusing on delivering digital payment solutions for customers in the hospitality and retail sectors as well as supporting automated self-service applications in retail, hospitality and travel. Westpay is a Gold Level member and strategic partner for payment solutions within the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), and validated and approved for its payment solutions designed for hotels and restaurants.

Merchants throughout the Nordics, further Europe and South Africa will benefit from the companies’ innovative digital payments services and solutions that will empower them on their digital transformation journeys. The joint offering comprises complete solutions including payment processing, acquiring, value added services such as dynamic currency conversions and data analytics, payment terminals, software and gateway services.