ANA, Japan’s largest airline carrier with 54 million passengers, has selected Wirecard to digitise its payment processes. The cash-free solution will allow ANA passengers in selected European airports to receive quick and convenient compensation for delayed or disrupted flights. Wirecard is providing ANA with a branded, digital card solution that can be loaded with the applicable amounts and distributed to passengers.

Through its digital passenger compensation cards, Wirecard uses its expertise in digital payments to address a need of air travellers. The initial offer will include select European airports serviced by ANA, a Star Alliance member and partner of European airlines.

The compensation cards are a convenient solution for both the airline and affected ANA passengers: the cards can be quickly loaded by airline staff, saving time and cutting administrative costs. Passengers, who in the past would have received cash or limited-use vouchers, will instead receive digital payment cards.

The setup of the cards is powered by Wirecard’s proprietary application, in which features of the cards are customised for each customer. Wirecard configures the cards appropriately so that the customer receives an individual tailor-made solution.