April 7th 2022

Spend management platforms make further inroads in the commercial payments space

In recent news, CreditQ integrated its business credit management with Tally while Medius acquired...
April 7th 2022

Thunes partners with Clearpay for Buy Now Pay Later services

The consumer payments industry has long enjoyed the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services and now commercial...
April 7th 2022

i2c teams with Visa in MENA regions

Card giants continue to forge alliances with fintechs in order to diversify away from traditional...
March 31st 2022

Commercial payment companies raise $930 million in latest round of funding

In the latest round of funding, Jeeves and Ramp have raised $180 million and $750 million in financing...
March 31st 2022

The changing face of commercial cards

Commercial cards are no longer just about the plastic. Modern commercial cards are increasingly...
March 10th 2022

Global economic sanctions hit the payments system in Russia

With Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine territory, the major global powers mostly consisting...
February 23rd 2022

Marqeta teams up with Plaid

US-based card issuing platform Marqeta has partnered with Plaid. Under this partnership, clients...
February 23rd 2022

Amazon and Visa reach global truce on card fees

Amazon and Visa have announced that they have come to an agreement over the issue of card fees.
February 17th 2022

B2B payment companies raise $63 million in the latest round of funding

This week, two B2B payment companies, Tribal and Flexio have raised $60 million and $3 million in...