Billhop partners with Visa and OmaSp to offer B2B payments

Providing payment services is just not enough to lure businesses to get on board with digital payments methods. Commercial payment companies have been trying to partner with other companies in order to offer better package deals to help businesses in a smooth transition to digital payment platforms.

Last month, Billhop had announced a partnership with Visa Finland and Oma Säästöpankki Oyj (OmaSp) to offer a new solution to businesses which would allow them to manage their cash flow and liquidity.

Under this partnership, OmaSp has released a Visa businesses credit card product which will give its clients access to benefits including access to Billhop service at preferential rates while paying with an OmaSp card, the press release noted.

Using OmaSp commercial cards, the business will be able to improve working capital by paying suppliers through Billhop and when it’s done, the actual cash flow effect does not occur until the payment of card statement is due.

The recent partnership comes following Billhop’s collaboration with Visa in Ireland earlier this year wherein they would enable Irish businesses to make payments to their suppliers with their existing cards.

Billhop, which has launched its services in several European countries, enables businesses to pay bills with credit cards regardless of whether the end beneficiary accepts card payment or not.