Repay integrates payment system with Billtrust

With digital adoption on the rise, businesses are seeking to simplify vendor payments and this has sparked the integration of B2B payment systems into enterprise management software.

Repay, the Atlanta-based B2B payments processing company, has partnered with Billtrust which is a B2B accounts receivable automation company.

Under this partnership, the company will integrate its system with Billtrust’s Business Payment Network (BNP) giving its corporate users “the ability to automate electronic payments to Billtrust’s network of suppliers, distributors and vendors both accelerating and simplifying the payment process, while also further scaling the adoption of virtual credit cards”, the press release noted.

Last year, Repay had integrated its system with Sage while BNP also integrated its virtual card into Coupa’s Business Spend Management Platform.

“We believe our partnership with Billtrust will significantly bolster the adoption of electronic payments to suppliers who participate in the BPN,” said Darin Horrocks, Senior Vice President, B2B, at Repay.

While he also noted that the goal of this was to “simplify and optimize their vendor payments by automating payments through a single interface”.

Billtrust Senior VP Nick Babinsky noted that this partnership was a “natural fit” and their B2B customers will be able to leverage the growing network of Billtrust network of suppliers. While also adding that the service and supplier industry has seen the acceleration in adoption of digital payments to “streamline efficiencies and reduce costs related to the invoice-to-cash process.”